The Brand
Belair Prince®  is a modern and avant-garde clothing brand, supplying quality urban wear worldwide. Born in Switzerland in 2002 from the effervescent spirits of 2 visual arts and economics students Terry W. and Michael O., the brand is inspired by Asian, European and American lifestyles to bring fashion a touch of freshness and renewal.

In partnership with multiple brands, we provide hundreds of thousands of individuals and professionals customers around the world with quality clothing and accessories, individually tested and covered by our guarantee of authenticity. We also design our own items, always with a clear eye for detail; We want to market beautiful, strong and timeless items.

Our Logo
Our symbol, the unique "Bouclier" of tungsten and gold, brings together The Fleur de Lys, the Horizon, the Wave and in the center the Black Jaguar. These elements represent in the same order Opulence, Ambition, Growth and Strength. In perfect harmony with our slogan "Loin des vaincus" (Far from the vanquished), they are also our core values, those of the very ones who can keep their style and cool in any situation. 

Our engagement
We believe that a better world depends only on the will of everyone. That is why beyond words, we work with humanitarian associations in Central Africa and South Asia to help build schools, provide clean drinking water, and improve everyday lives of the poorest in the world. There are already enough things going wrong everywhere, but luckily there is a little hero in everyone. This means that when purchasing our items, you are directly helping people in need somewhere in the world, and we will forever be grateful.

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« Every single Belair Prince® article is a promise of opulence and lastingness to anyone looking for excellence. »

CEO & Founders, Michael O. and Terry W. Jackson