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a little story of baseball cap - blog

Photo by whereslugo on Unsplash

Love wearing baseball caps often ? This little accessory has established itself in fashion as well as accessories such as the tie, the belt or the watch. The cap has become a must have and has been for more than 100 years. This accessory is often intended to show its belonging to a culture, ideas or simply for the appreciation of this so-called cap.

Wearing a cap is showing an outward sign of distinction. This is often the case among rappers or in the world of hip hop where we find these singers with caps representing a team, a city or a group where they come from. Sports are also quite fond of hats. It is thanks to the baseball that this accessory has been the most democratized, its visor allowing the players, who play mostly outside, to be less dazzled by the shaving sun.

It is from the 19th century that we find the first steps of the cap. It is obvious that the ancestor of the cap we know today was the beret or the kepi. It was then a sign of distinction. The students have worn the cap a lot, to show that they belonged to this or that team or fraternity. Many countries such as England or Germany adopted this accessory in its ranks.

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