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The motivations for weight loss are many. This may be in anticipation of an event: wedding, vacation, competition, competition. Or to restore health in the case of a significant overweight after a pregnancy, illness, depression ... In short a carelessness that can be accompanied by health problems. The reason sometimes is simpler. We no longer bear with our extra pounds and we want to change our physique to relearn to love ourselves and get back in shape. Follow our ten tips.


Losing pounds does not happen overnight, especially if they have accumulated over the years. To arrive alone is difficult and discouraging. It is important to be well accompanied and well advised. From the gym, yes but gently, we start by walking before running. And we do not remove everything on his plate! A balanced diet and a progressive sport activity will make the difference. The first results will not be long in coming and will give the impetus to continue the efforts. Let's go !


This is the title of these sensational shows that give hope to people who are overweight or obese. A coach takes care of them from a nutritional point of view and from a sports point of view. It accompanies them the necessary time of their transformation which can take several weeks, even several months or years. If the thinning is radical in number of pounds lost, it will not be in terms of record time.

"A loss of weight must be gradual and controlled"


Unless you suffer a sleeve or a bypass, and even when it takes time to lose weight . Without surgery, speed is never a good sign, even if on paper it's what we want. A loss of kilos must be gradual and gradual. Generally extreme weight loss is only one goal. This goes through a long and calibrated process towards a new life. It is not uncommon for a year to be needed to regain a normal weight and figure based on a healthier diet, a more active lifestyle.


A diet is often accompanied by fatigue which makes it difficult to bear and hold. 
The most common symptoms are nausea, headache, dizziness, due to lack of sugar. If the diet is well thought out and not too restrictive in carbs, it does not create these unpleasant phenomena. Fatigue is one of the causes that makes diets fail. It is important to use vitamins and minerals supplements to avoid any deficiency.

"Fatigue is one of the causes that makes diets fail"


Choosing a balanced diet that makes it easy to eat is also an idea to stay on course without frustration or discouragement. In case of intense fatigue, it is better to consult a doctor. It is also possible to be followed by a qualified coach or a nutritionist and avoid any problem. Do not forget that fatigue during a diet is stressful and stress is the cause of weight! If tiredness outside the diet is accompanied by other symptoms of intense thirst, stomach pain or diarrhea, it is probably that it masks another problem.



Putting on weight or losing weight for no reason, it never happens unless you're sick or forget to eat. Some stressed people lose weight like others on the contrary, take it if they are stressed. If it is accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting, you have to worry about it.

It is not a question of some variations of weight of a half kilo to 1 kg but of a sudden and important weight loss, as after an influenza or a gastro. In general this is explained by a more limited diet, but if weight loss occurs even with equivalent food intake, additional tests are expected. One must be vigilant because these can reveal a hormonal problem, an unnoticed infection or be the warning signs of a more serious disease (diabetes, cancer). The causes of weight loss, if it is abnormal can be many. And it should be concerned to rule out any abnormality in the blood.

# 5 AND MEN?

Men and women are not equal before the pounds. And among young men, losing pounds is often more spectacular especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. It's not fair, but it's enough that they stop pizzas, junk food and alcohol for quick results. They manage to find the shape and the line by combining sport, food and supplements.

If men generally lose weight faster than women in the first part of their lives, this is no longer the case after 45 years. They tend to take a belly. Whether or not their program includes sports, they have trouble losing belly fat because their fat is stored on the abdominal area.



We want the weight loss to be fast but also effective . So you have to go step by step, to be certain to lose only fat and excess water, not the muscles. Celebrity diets regularly make headlines. Their physical transformation frightens the canvas that goes with his comments more or less flattering. Their testimonials sell. Remember that weight loss is never trivial and when it is very or too fast is that there is eel rock.

"Always prefer weight loss over the medium or long term"


For a better chance of losing weight, a daily sports program helps optimize results. Better to do 30 minutes of daily exercise rather than big and long sessions of sport once a week, you will zap in the end! Always prefer weight loss over the medium or long term with a tenable program because it is easier to endure than a diet of deprivation. Keep in mind that if you move enough and eat reasonably (without being hungry, but not excessively), you will lose weight less quickly but more sustainably. Do not skip meals because you will create a state of panic in your metabolism that will result in calorie storage.


Fitness apps or calorie counting are fashionable but they are just one more tool in the weight loss landscape. Whether available on the web or on smartphone, they offer fitness tips, sports exercises, food lists. They measure and analyze the composition of your meals to guide you, calculate the calories for you. If you want to, use them, it's fun, but they will not do the job for you.


It would be so much simpler if you could lose weight without doing anything, such as with hypnosis for example. Opinions are mixed on this subject. Whatever the type of hypnosis, self-hypnosis or eriksonian hypnosis, it can help to do some of the psychological work. But there is still the food way to go.

In a weight loss, as in any objective, the mental part is very important and conditions a good part of the success. Hypnosis offers support in many areas where the will matters, such as stopping smoking for example. It's a way to free yourself from certain toxic and repeated behaviors that prevent you from achieving your goal.


Accompanied by sport, lose weight will be more profitable, because the pounds will be those fat piles. The sport helps to find a slender and toned silhouette, more harmonious than the diet alone. It is easy to get into the sport as there are new sports disciplines, crossfit, piloxing, yoga, HIT circuit, running, biking, combat sport ... You will surely find the most fun sport that will trigger you to go there. put, gently or not.

Even if the sport alone does not lose weight, to be physically active can promote the thinning within the framework of a precise food program. Scientists, coaches and nutritionists are unanimous on this subject, it is the whole that gives the best results.

You can also follow such a program by practicing a sport at home, at least 3 times a week. The advantage is that you can even test a fasting session without having to leave your home. How long will it take to lose weight? Nobody can say. Should I train every day? Not necessarily, but doing some sport is always better!

Be careful, however, because losing fat through sports and diet is not necessarily accompanied by a loss of weight visible on the scale. Sometimes the figure can be thinner and drawn while the weight stagnates, it is because one took muscle (and lost fat!). Do not forget that pleasure is essential. You must eat in reasonable quantities, give yourself some extra food, while keeping a balanced diet and a sporting rhythm as regular as possible.


To succeed in losing weight, nothing beats a complete program that combines sport, diet and supplements. As we have seen, too fast weight loss due to a diet that is too strict and untenable will leave part of your muscles and the water of your body in smoke, not your fat that will stick to it. On 5 kg you will eventually lose only 1.5 kg of fat. Your tired, stressed body will save reserve fats and use the amino acids in your muscles for daily function.

"To succeed in losing weight, nothing beats a complete program that combines sport, diet and supplements"


The ideal is to combine a training of bodybuilding and cardio. Bodybuilding has no equal to burn fat provided it is practiced with intensity and continues to mobilize after the end of training. The training is intense if the charges are average and the break times are reduced between the sets of 12 to 15 reps. The most effective bodybuilding program focuses on polyarticular exercises that strengthen muscles and dislodge fat. Moderate cardio completes this type of exercise to burn fat over a longer period of 45 minutes to 1 hour. For example, incorporate two sessions a week of treadmills or rowing machines, knowing that running is more efficient.

Make sure you have this in mind when developing your weight loss program at the gym, following the advice of the web or on-site coaches. They are entitled to complete programs for men or women wishing to get rid of their extra pounds.


It is all the more effective because it combines the two factors: training and nutrition. Nutrition is an integral part of the success of this program. Supplements are extra support to reach your goal. Proteins and fat burners are a precious help that it would be a shame to deprive yourself.

You understand that a good weight loss program is the one that best suits your daily life and integrates with it. It should not be too far from your lifestyle and keep you a little fun in the diet and sports, even if it breaks with your bad habits. The hard part is to replace one routine with another, it will take you about 3 weeks to get started. Beyond this period, it will seem almost natural and you will end up wondering how you did before.

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