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The Proof Your Scale Lies ! - Belairprince.com

Focusing on the scale is not the best thing to do to lose weight. This is the mistake we all make. Wanting to lose weight at all costs by scanning the scales adds to our stress and does not guarantee the result. The proof: between these two photos below, a single kilo of lost, it seems impossible and yet ...

Adrienne Osuna is a mother almost like the others. Mother of 4 children and 31 years old, she decided to share her transformation on social networks . Years of yo-yo diets since adolescence have given nothing. She decided to stop the diets and start lifting heavy. And obviously it worked if we compare the two photos. She lost 3 sizes of clothes, even though the scale needle has hardly moved . She probably did not imagine making the buzz by sharing this photo. As a result, she garnered tens of thousands of likes and received lots of messages of support that skyrocketed her subscriber base. The Daily Mail even wrote an article.

The Proof Your Scale Lies ! - Belairprince.com


The muscle is denser than fat. Which means that a kilo of muscle takes up less space than a pound of fat. That's why his body has refined, even though his weight has not changed.

She used to do cardio, without success. She started taking Body Pump classes at the gym and it aroused her desire to lift weights. Then she wanted to go further. She looked for how to build muscle. She realized that this was going through bodybuilding movements. She did not want to go to the room all alone and felt uncomfortable. Yet on the advice of her husband who taught him the 3 basic movements: the squat, the deadlift and the bench press, she persevered.

So, she started with bodybuilding with a regular routine. She admits she had a hard time getting to the weight room and lifting weights among the guys. But eventually it went well and they even gave him advice.


Then, she got involved in the game chained 4 training sessions per week including two upper body and two legs sessions. Even if the cardio alone had not worked, she does not hold it against him. She also has 2 to 3 sessions of cardio each week and she also practices yoga. Focusing on another goal: building muscle and losing fat , she managed to forget the pressure of the scales.

As she was amazed by the results and she really liked casting, she turned to powerlifting. Today, she is 5 sessions a week + 3 sessions of cardio. Side diet, she stopped everything, except that it controls a little carbohydrates. She reserves them around her training, without touching the rest. In addition, she fasted for 15 hours at night, avoiding eating late at night. This is mainly because it is preparing for the competition! It must also be said that lifting weights increases the metabolism, which would simply explain its transformation.

She now focuses on the acquisition of strength because she knows that the scale is not reliable and that the body is incredible! We can only congratulate her and encourage her to pursue her new goal ... Bravo Adrienne!

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, www.adrienneosuna.com. Photo: www.instagram.com/adrienneosuna


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