Pop Culture Is Back To Fashion

Pop culture is back to fashion - Belairprince.com
Let go the black outfits that are certainly discreet but are just as sad. Pop Culture is making a comeback, in general, and especially in art and fashion. It's time to be bold with a look with bright colors and unique elements.

What is Pop-Culture?

Well in reality, Pop Culture, or Popular Culture is a rather empty conceptual term. In reality, this term is used in all kinds of practices and to describe all kinds of elements, or define all kinds of things and their opposite.

Initially, Popular Culture was associated with the "lower classes" and their level of education, which was considered to be poor in comparison to official culture and higher education. As a result of the various economic and social changes that occurred after the Second World War, Pop Culture blended with several other cultures related to mass consumption and the media.

Today, there are several broad definitions of Pop Culture depending on the field in which it operates, all of which go back to the fundamental element that it is a term that brings together works/products widely supported and adopted by the public. Here we will talk more about pop culture in art and fashion, through elements to the opposition of elitist, colorful and kitschy culture.

Pop culture is back to fashion - Belairprince.com
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How does pop culture translate into fashion?

In fashion, pop culture is translated through banal elements that are put forward with peps and/or irony. Dashing and colorful pieces, possibly patterned, that can take up some traditional elements of Pop culture, with their Vintage side.

Some brands like Marc Jacobs are emblems of this funky-trash style, adding a chic side worthy of their luxury brand. Others are gradually beginning to take an interest in it through collections that approach the Pop Culture spirit in a personal way by stylists.

Some examples of Pop collection

The Paco Rabane Spring/Summer 2020 collection
Paco rabane is launching this year in a collection full of color and patterns for unusual pieces that are sure to attract attention.

Pop culture is back to fashion - Belairprince.com

Gucci's Spring Summer 2020 collection
Gucci is also launching with a more sober but no less shy collection, colorful pieces and vintage cuts.

Pop culture is back to fashion - Belairprince.com

Louis Vuitton's Spring 2020 collection
Louis Vuitton are not afraid and is embarking on a colorful and textured collection for this spring-summer 2020. Nevertheless, several black pieces have been planned for the faint-hearted.

Pop culture is back to fashion - Belairprince.com

So what will you wear this summer ? As long as you can avoid the "Fashion Faux-pas", all is good.


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