Men: How To Choose A Tshirt ?

men: how to choose a tshirt ?

To avoid missteps, check the following:

1. Avoid V-necks that can be error-like, and opt instead for a slightly crotched round neck (which fits more outfits).

men: how to choose a tshirt ?

2. The neck should be very slightly flared (not close to the blow) and fall about at the height of the highest vertebra, at the base of the neck.

men: how to choose a tshirt ?
3. If you're looking for a more "classic" look, shoulder seams should end on the shoulder bone and the sleeves should stop at the biceps (not at the elbow).

 men: how to choose a tshirt ?

4. Your pectorals are slightly molded, without too many creases.

men: how to choose a tshirt ?

5. The lines of the T-shirt should follow your flanks.

men: how to choose a tshirt ?
6. Your t-shirt stops a little below your belt, but don't take your head down the length.
men: how to choose a tshirt ?

The T-shirt Origins

Historically speaking, the T-shirt only appears late in the 20th century. Unlike many rooms in our locker room, this is a recent invention.

Originally underwear, it was adopted at the end of the 19th century by the US NAVY, which integrated it into its uniform for the sake of comfort and hygiene. It was not until 1942 that it took its classic shape, with a neckline crew collar and short sleeves. It will then be named accordingly: the T-type shirt.

A symbol of military heroism and virility, the T-shirt became, at the end of the 1940s, a garment in its own right. In connection with the economic context of the time, the T-shirt developed in the 1950s and became the support of all messages: universal, out of fashion and democratic. It is then available as an advertisement, as a vehicle for slogans, as well as as in artistic support. A mythical piece of the 20th century, the T-shirt is a "spokesperson of the self."

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