Losing Belly: The Simple Guide Everyone Wants to Sell You

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Looking to lose belly? To eliminate your little abdominal bulge? To refine your size? With our nutritional program slimming flat stomach, we will give you all the tips to adopt a diet that promotes the destocking of fat and fight against abdominal fat. With these tips, you will get fast results and you will fight against the metabolic slowdown caused by too restrictive classic slimming diets.


The Belair Prince® Flat Belly Food Program has been designed by nutritionists for women who want to lose belly fat and who generally have trouble getting rid of abdominal fat. With this flat stomach program, you will learn how to eat better to destock. In 4 weeks, we accompany you in your new eating routine so that you can acquire new and healthier food reflexes without feeling hungry. Find a flatter belly, a refined waist and say goodbye to bloating!

What to remember from your flat stomach program:

  • Calories: 1340 kcal per day
  • Nutrient ratio: 38% carbohydrate, 49% protein, 13% fat
  • Distribution of contributions: 5 meals a day
  • Duration between catches: 4 hours on average
  • Recommended hydration: about 3L per day


Adapt your calorie intake

As part of this program flat belly woman, we invite you to lower your calorie intake to promote destocking and force the body to draw on the reserves. However, we will ensure that the intake is not below the metabolic threshold to allow you to lose weight effectively without yoyo effect. 
You will consume on average 1340 kcal per day, well distributed throughout the day for optimal fat loss.

Improve your transit

An inflated belly is often the consequence of bloating. By changing your eating habits a little, you can regulate your transit to deflate your stomach, avoid bloating and constipation. Our tips for a deflated belly:

  • Focus on high-fiber foods such as vegetables (preferably cooked), fruits, whole grains, legumes.
  • Adopt a good hydration by favoring mineral waters rich in magnesium and hot drinks (teas, infusions), avoiding soft drinks.
  • Eat slowly and chew food well.
  • Try to eat less in the evening by choosing a full breakfast with eggs and cheese.

Which foods to favor?

The consumption of proteins is indispensable. You will therefore consume the majority of proteins to allow you to maintain a high metabolism and burn as much fat as possible without risking the loss of muscle mass. For energy, it will not be necessary to remove carbohydrates, but favor low glycemic index carbohydrates to maintain a low insulin level, avoid peaks of blood sugar and therefore the storage of fats. 
You will also be careful to consume enough green vegetables for fiber intake, accompanied by oil rich in omega 3.

The proteins

When you are on a diet, or a dietary rebalance, the protein content of your meals should be important. Indeed, proteins play an important role for the proper functioning of the body since they participate in cell renewal and muscle maintenance. These can be provided by diet, or in the form of supplements to supplement the contributions. Instead, choose lean proteins such as turkey, chicken breast, white fish, etc.


Low GI carbohydrates

They bring energy but avoid the carbohydrate rebound! If you want to eliminate fat, you will opt for pasta or rice, quinoa, legumes. You will avoid sources of white flour, processed sugars, etc ...

The green vegetables

Not only are vegetables essential to bringing you vitamins and fiber, but they also have many benefits as part of a diet to lose belly fat. Green vegetables have a natural appetite suppressant effect and they promote intestinal transit. So, added to your meals, they allow you to be sated faster and to avoid bloating, especially if you consume them cooked. Indeed, some people are sensitive to raw vegetables, and are at risk of digestive problems. As part of a goal flat stomach, it is not ideal! We advise you to consume them cooked, combined with a little olive oil or isio4 oil.

How many meals a day?

You will have to distribute your daily contributions on 5 meals (3 main meals and 2 snacks), spaced of about 4h each one. Thus, you force the body to spend calories throughout the day during digestion! 
Above all, do not skip meals! This error would lead to a metabolic slowing, which is absolutely not desirable if you want to remove abdominal fat.

Stay hydrated on a daily basis

To eliminate toxins, drain the body and eliminate water retention in the abdomen, it will drink! The more you drink, the more you reduce the storage of water. For this flat stomach program, it is recommended to consume an average of 3L of water per day, ie 0.05L of water per kilogram of body weight.


In addition to your balanced diet, you'll be able to accelerate the results by helping you with dietary supplements, which act as a boost to remove abdominal fat faster.

Burn belly fat

Fat burners can be used as part of this diet. Indeed, by choosing a specific fat burner that acts directly on feminine curves, you will eliminate abdominal fat. The burners are designed to increase thermogenesis and thus the metabolism for efficient destocking.


Find a flat stomach without loss of energy

With this nutritional program, we advise you to practice a sporting activity. You will be able to follow our program belly musculation flat woman. So, even if you have reduced calories, by helping you with the right supplements, you will not lose energy, and you will burn more! Carnitine makes it possible to transform fats into energy so that they can serve as fuel for the body.



Summary of your program:

  • Objective: to find a flat, firm and tonic belly
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Supplements: Night Fat Burners
Your day type flat stomach diet
Breakfast :


3 egg whites with 1 yellow

60g of wholemeal bread

+ Redburn Ladies

160g of cottage cheese 0%


40g oat flakes

Morning snack:


20g of protein powder

100g strawberries

Lunch :


120g of white meat

110g of pasta or rice

Unlimited green vegetables with 1/2 tablespoon of isio4 oil

130g of white fish


120g of quinoa or sweet potatoes

Unlimited green vegetables with 1/2 tablespoon of isio4 oil

Afternoon snack:


30g of unleavened bread

20g of protein powder

+ Redburn Ladies

Having dinner :


120g of white meat

60g of legumes

Unlimited green vegetables with 1/2 tablespoon of isio4 oil

130g of white fish


60g of legumes

Unlimited green vegetables with 1/2 tablespoon of isio4 oil

* The quantities of starchy foods are expressed cooked

To vary your menus throughout this program, you can consult our food tables (link coming soon). So you can adapt the composition of your menus to suit your tastes and preferences, without impacting the micronutrient content of your diet.

What to do after this program? 
Do you change your goal? Once this small belly eliminated, you can switch to other nutritional programs, either to eliminate remaining fat on the rest of the body, tone the silhouette or a goal of dry. 

Women weight loss progam (link coming soon): you still have a few pounds to lose, and you want a general refinement of the silhouette. 
Women fitness program (link coming soon): you want to gain in shape and muscular tone for a more fit physique.

Do you want a more detailed and personalized accompaniment according to your objectives, your morphology and which adapts to your tastes? Discover our nutrition and training coachings for maximum results and a 100% customized program.

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