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Man or woman, we all want to lose belly and preferably quickly ... But when it comes to sports, cardio and running, it's not the same thing! Yet losing belly naturally is not won. Food is in the front line to successfully lose belly. And sport matters too, if we want to do it effectively and sustainably.


It all depends on what you mean by quickly. We can not reasonably lose belly in 1 week , without sport or diet! One can deflate, be less bloated, feel less cramped in his clothes, provided to change some bad habits. But do not dream !

On the other hand, if you do things well, the first visible results in terms of your size will not be long. Even if you are not going to lose belly in a localized and targeted way. Do not fool yourself: you will first have to lose weight to lose belly fat. Unless you're slim with a little belly, it's all about a weight problem.

There are however some simple tips to implement, which if they do not reduce your weight, will make your belly appear a little flatter. They will encourage you to continue your efforts. Be careful, they will not solve the problem, because the main problem is the accumulation of fat in the stomach.


  • Eliminate sugar
  • Avoid starchy foods (bread, pasta)
  • Do not drink soft drinks
  • To breathe well, to avoid stress
  • Avoid salt and prefer spices and spices
  • Do not snack and especially no sweet snacks
  • Limit dairy products
  • Avoid junk food
  • Choose good fats (no cooking with fried butter!)
  • Eat slowly and chew well
  • Consume vegetables and fiber
  • Improve transit
  • Do not drink alcohol
  • Eat proteins
  • Resume the sport or just move more
  • Sleep well


Added sugar and sugary drinks are your worst enemies. Not only do they have harmful effects on metabolic health, but in addition sugar makes you fat.

When the liver is overloaded with fructose, it is forced to turn it into fat, which can cause an accumulation of fat in the belly and liver. This leads to insulin resistance and can trigger diseases related to obesity.

"Studies show that sugary drinks are linked to an increased risk of obesity of 60% in children"

And did you know that sugary drinks are not accounted for by the brain in the same way as solid foods?

Drinking sugary drinks makes you consume more calories. We know it for sodas, but beware, this also applies to all sweet drinks, including fruit juices and energy drinks!

"A rapid decrease in water retention gives almost instantaneous results in just a few days"

Reducing starch or carbohydrate consumption also reduces waist circumference. It is also a very effective way to lose fat. Studies prove it: by reducing their intake of carbohydrates, appetite and weight decrease! The effect is far superior to low fat diets. In addition, diets low in carbohydrates also cause a rapid decrease in water retention water, allowing to observe almost instant results, in a few days.


Do you really think that by coating yourself with cream and wrapping with food film, that you run with a k-way, swallowing pills, or that you bard electrodes, without changing anything to your habits deep, you will lose weight of the belly?

Do not confuse losing water and losing fat. Anything that makes you sweat without increasing your heart rate simply makes you lose water. To lose fat, in addition to the diet, you have to do a cardio activity, it will make you sweat too, but will also dislodge fat.

The sport and nutrition combination will give visible results on the whole silhouette. However, the help of food supplements is a plus, to "deflate" faster and promote destocking.


Known as tummy, love handles, in men as in women, the belly is a privileged storage area. Alas, even if in women fat also likes to stay elsewhere. The reasons that make you take belly are numerous: age at first, unavoidable, excess food, lack of physical activity, the consequences of pregnancy ...

Better than learning to live with its unsightly curves or resolve to buy larger clothes, it will have to do differently.

"Having a belly is a complex for many men and women"

Having a stomach is a complex for many men and women. Even if women dream of flat stomach and men of abs in chocolate bars, in the end it is the excess fat that is involved.

If you can not do it alone, you can opt for a follow-up coaching.

Men are often overtaken by overeating and alcohol abuse. The two cumulated are formidable for the abdominal strap. However, they just need to pay attention and get back to the sport to see the results fairly quickly at the waist. Destocking begins to take effect where the grease has settled.


Having a big waist is usually a sign of poor cardiovascular health. Beyond a certain threshold (80 cm for women and close to 100 for men), it is critical because the risk of coronary heart disease increases. If you have fat under the skin, it's a safe bet that you have some around your organs. It is not the most visible apparent fat that is the most dangerous, but if it accumulates on the outside, it is that there is also inside. Losing belly fat can help you live longer and healthier.

Women are protected by their hormones and their cardiovascular risk is lower than that of men because they store primarily in the hip-thigh-buttocks area.

This type of storage is preventive to allow them to carry out a pregnancy in case of famine, even if this situation is rarer these days. When they are getting older and at menopause, the fat reserves are, as in men, more stored in the abdominal area or around the organs. This increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease in women. You can fight these new parameters with a healthy diet, a little sport and less stress that helps revive the metabolism.

"Losing belly fat can help you live longer and healthier"



To lose belly quickly , should you play sports? And which is the most effective way to reduce fat and tone the waist and remove abdominal fat. Can we do it without a strict and frustrating diet? Is your goal of health, aesthetics?

Sport is good, but be careful not to confuse results and means.

"6 weeks of intensive abs do not reduce waist circumference"

In general, it's good for your health. The sport activates the metabolism and demands energy, provided by the body's reserves if the diet is controlled. Although it is not possible through exercise to reduce the localized fat in the stomach. A flat, fat-free belly is what you want to get. Doing abdominals is a way to strengthen your lap belt, but by no means a way to lose weight. 6 weeks of intensive abdominals do not decrease the waist, while other types of exercises (walking, running, cycling, swimming ...) will help.
Bodybuilding activities, which are associated with a diet that helps burn belly fat, are a good reflex to counteract the effects of aging and slowing metabolism. A good muscle base, burns calories even at rest!

And even exercise prevents you from gaining weight and helps maintain it. Exercise also has the effect of reducing inflammation and lowering blood sugar levels, which ultimately improves health.



When you want to lose belly , some cardio exercises are very effective. There is of course brisk walking, running, skipping rope, rowing. Both reinforcement exercises and HIIT, burpees, mountain climber, jumping jack ... performed with high intensity boost the metabolism and will cause a burn-fat effect.

Among the most interesting abdominals, we note the ventral sheath (board) and side that strengthen the abdominal belt without risk to the back or lumbar.

The advantage is that these exercises are easy to do at home and do not require equipment.

All bodybuilding exercises that mobilize the trunk require a good cladding such as squat, jumped slots or pumps. Pilates or yoga are also great sports to learn to control your posture, breathe through your stomach and master your deep muscles. These are often neglected in favor of pure abdominal exercises.

Contrary to popular belief, it is useless to do hundreds of abdominal crunch type or leg lifts to hope to lose belly. The best solution is to spend a lot of calories with intense cardio. This does not prevent to make abs to make them stronger.



Although some people complain about not having good genetics, it is often too much food that is involved. Having a stomach is not inevitable and losing it requires a radical change of diet.

"Losing belly goes through a radical change of diet"

Of course it will not be easy to delete all the pleasure foods in priority, ie all that is sugar-based, saturated fats, alcohol ... 
What will become your food base, these are proteins, vegetables and some fruits that are low in sugar and high in fiber. You will also need to drink a lot of water to properly eliminate toxins and water retention and lose belly fat. Once you have identified the right foods, take care of calories, decrease your intake by 10%, move more and the scale should quickly tip in the right direction with a slight calorie deficit.



One can never eat enough fiber or eat a lot of fiber can help lose weight. This is true in part because dietary fiber is mainly non-digestible vegetable matter. But not all are equal.

It is especially the soluble and viscous fibers forming a thick gel that "rests" in the intestines. As it slows down digestion significantly, the end result is prolonged satiety and reduced appetite.

One study found that an additional 14 grams of fiber per day was associated with a 10% decrease in calorie intake and a 2kg weight loss over 4 months. They are found in some vegetables and fruits, as well as in legumes and even oats. A fiber supplement like glucomannan has proven itself on weight loss.

To lose weight and therefore belly, it is important to be able to determine exactly what you eat and in what quantity. Most people believe they eat well "balanced, low in carbohydrate, high in protein" but have no idea what they actually eat. They tend to overestimate or underestimate their caloric intake.

To optimize the diet, a minimum of follow-up is required. Noting what you eat or calculating with an application for several days in a row can help you understand what you are not doing right and where to make changes.

Follow a specific program to be sure of what you are eating.

You are not satisfied with your belly? It's your turn ! Just remember that in terms of diet or sport, only long-term efforts will pay. Be regular in your sport and especially serious in your diet, because it is on your plate that is a good part of the job. Start with a change of diet and forget all that is fast food or prepared industrial dishes too fat, too sweet and too salty. As a bonus, the sport will allow you to eliminate more calories, so lose weight faster.


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