Lose Weight With Ice Cream ?


Lose weight this summer with an ice-cream-only diet? You have not even imagined it in your wildest dreams. And yet ...

An American youtuber has put himself in the forefront of absurd bets by filming his video experience on his youtube Abs & Ice Cream channel. For example, losing weight by eating only ice for 100 days. The goal is to prove that what really counts is the number of calories absorbed and spent. As long as the balance is negative you lose weight, even by eating ice cream every day!

He even pushed the plug to absorb a daily dose of alcohol, just to prove that there too alcohol was not responsible for weight gain. The only reasonable option in his diet, he added a protein ration every day as adrink.

Started at the beginning of the year, his plan was completed and even if he had to interrupt earlier than expected, the results are all the same at the rendezvous.

The basis of his diet was 2500 calories daily, which is a normal ratio for a man of average body size wishing to stay in shape. Of these calories ingested, 2000 came from ice cream each day, and 500 came from either a protein drink or an alcoholic beverage.

It does not make any difference that the calories are provided by the white chicken-rice or ice-alcohol combo, as long as you do not exceed a certain threshold of calories.



After 100 days, Anthony Howard-Crow's blood tests showed an improvement in his lipid profile. The good cholesterol had increased while the bad cholesterol had decreased, despite the intake of sugars and fats, triglycerides and blood sugar had also decreased slightly. Experts in weight loss recognize that losing weight improves health, even if there is a random diet.

Even if the greedy ice lovers are tempted by the guinea pig, this diet was not at all pleasant. Anthony had a hard time keeping his concentration and attendance at the gym, for lack of energy.

In any case the proof is provided that by decreasing calories, we lose weight, even with poor food choices, no offense to those who are obsessed with nutrition.

This reflects two schools of weight loss. One thinks that what really matters is the balance between absorbed food and calories burned, the other puts on the precept "you are what you eat" and therefore if you eat badly, in this case fat and sweet, you can not have a body at the top.

What is certain is that over time the excess of carbohydrates is harmful to health and causes the development of metabolic diseases. 
At Belair Prince®, it is rather the two schools; we will never make you choose a poor quality food on the pretext that what matters are the calories. Because we think that changing one's habits is a good thing. We are fighting for chicken breast, which is the leitmotiv of all our feeding programs.

Even if caloric restriction pays, it's unmistakable, there can not be a sustainable diet based on bad foods and the health risk will eventually come sooner or later. However, there are also no miracle foods as the weight loss industry sometimes wants us to believe.

Okay, the experience of this ice-alcohol diet works pretty well, but isn't it just thanks to the help of protein shakes that regulate everything?


menshealth.com, photo pexels.com.

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