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Losing 10 pounds quickly but mostly definitely, is the goal of many of us. How to do it while respecting your health? Why is it utopian to imagine losing 10 pounds in a few days or 2, 3 weeks?

To preserve one's health, it is advisable not to lose more than 1 kilo per week. This allows for lasting results and avoids the "yoyo" effect.

As a result, many tips and exercises exist to lose 10 pounds in 1 or 2 months. The goal is to lose weight by maintaining muscle mass in order to lose only the fat mass.


Many diets promise to lose 10 pounds in 3 days . This rapid weight loss is often achieved by a drastic restriction of the number of daily calories. But what about the long term?

In a diet that is too fast, most of the loss will be muscle and water, but not fat. The goal then is not to get discouraged but to have the patience to observe progressive results. Losing 500g to 1kg per week is already a big step to take to reach its ideal weight.

The myth of calories is the logic that the fewer calories you eat, the more you lose fat. It is by following this principle that many people panic in order to reach their ultimate goals quickly. Nevertheless, muscle mass is the first to start in this type of restrictive diets. Caloric restrictions can also lead to feelings of frustration. The latter are responsible for the "yoyo" effect and the recovery of lost weight. Even the most seasoned athletes do not keep a restrictive diet for months at a time.

For a lasting weight loss (link coming soon), you must take your time. So, how to lose weight without losing muscle? You have to find the balance between a balanced diet and regular physical activity.


How to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass?

Ensuring adequate protein intake is the key to maintaining muscle mass. Protein requirements vary from one individual to another and are more important in sports people.

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Among animal proteins, favor white meats, dairy products or eggs. Vegetable proteins can be quite suitable in a weight loss diet. Nevertheless, it must be ensured that the essential amino acids are supplied in sufficient quantity. Many tips exist to do this, including learning to associate plant proteins with cereals.

Consuming dietary supplements such as BCAA may also be a support to maintain this sufficient intake.


We need to see diet and physical activity as two co-actors. To achieve the goal of losing 5k quickly but effectively, you have to get your hands dirty.

Whether you are a beginner or top athlete, practice the physical activity of your choice at your own pace. The most important thing is to push your limits while respecting your body.


"Losing 10 pounds in 1 month is possible by practicing regular physical activity"


In addition to the benefit of burning calories, the sport has a positive impact on the feeling of well-being. According to researchers from Montpellier, during a sports activity, the brain produces endorphins: the "hormones of happiness". These hormones reduce stress and offer the body the opportunity to relax and gain a sense of contentment: it is good fatigue.

You do not know which sport to choose, no worries. Have a look at our article The best sport is the one you like " (link coming soon).


Almost all sports are suitable for beginners. You just have to listen to your body and respect your abilities. Getting into a sport too hard can reduce motivation and pose health risks. You should also remember to hydrate well during and after physical exertion. Here are some examples of sports suitable for weight loss:


Running is the flagship exercise to lose 10 pounds quickly. By mobilizing the muscles and the cardiac activity, the race will come to tone the whole body. If you are a beginner, it is possible to alternate 5 minutes of running with 2 minutes of recovery while walking. The goal of any physical exercise is to see the evolution over the long term: the records were not made in one training.

"A prolonged race draws more on fat reserves"


The race burns between 500 and 700 kcal / hour. This varies depending on the basal metabolism and the intensity of the effort.



Cycling is an effective sport to lose unwanted pounds and maintain a good physical condition. Indeed, the deep abdominals are solicited to bring the pedaling action.

It is possible to use both an exercise bike and an outdoor bike, depending on your environment and your abilities.

The bike can also be seen as a means of locomotion. In this sense, cycling combines business with pleasure. It is advisable to do sessions between 45 and 60m in order to tap into fat reserves while alternating paces.

On average, you burn between 300 and 600 calories per hour while cycling.


Swimming is a complete sport that requires many muscles such as the arms, back and legs.

The action of water will participate in lymphatic drainage that can relieve people with heavy limbs. This will also help eliminate cellulite and other fat cells that are stuck in the collagen fibers. Indeed, it is these fibers that trap the fat cells which gives this aspect of orange peel.

And, for fitness enthusiasts it is possible to start with a beginner level program (link coming soon).



A fat burner is a natural or synthetic substance that can increase our basic metabolism. Our body will therefore transform food more easily into energy. The fats of our body will therefore be transformed into energy via lipolysis. To summarize, this will promote caloric release and thus weight loss.

Fat burners are effective for losing weight. There are natural fat burners like spirulina or konjac. In order to reinforce this action, dietary supplements can be used. They usually consist of active ingredients such as green tea or cinnamon. Food supplements can be supplemented with tyrosine. Tyrosine is a dopamine precursor amino acid that plays a role in the loss of adipose tissue.

The mechanisms of fat storage are different for a man or a woman. This explains why women have more trouble getting rid of fat and are more prone to cellulite.

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Finger cutting helps regulate appetite. They are therefore intended for people prone to cravings, which usually decompensate on very sweet products outside or at the end of meals.

Indeed, weight gain is often linked to a bad perception of the feeling of hunger and satiety.

Another tip is to take the time to ask before eating if you are really hungry, eat slowly and calmly and not to shop with an empty stomach to limit compulsive shopping.


A draining product aims to fight against the retention of water. Water retention is the phenomenon where fluids like water are stored instead of being removed by urine. Water retention occurs mainly in the summer, and can swell as well as promote orange peel.

Stop the received ideas. Do not limit your water consumption when you have cellulite or water retention. Drinking at least 1.5L of water a day allows the kidneys to function and eliminate waste from our blood.

The drainers will help eliminate this water stored in the adipocytes. Green tea or red vine are two drainers so the natural efficiency is well established.


"The strength in each of us is our greatest doctor" - Hippocrates


In conclusion, it is utopian to imagine losing 5 pounds naturally in 3, 10 or 15 days while preserving the muscles.

On the other hand, it is quite possible to lose 10 pounds in 1 or 2 months. This progressive loss does not abrupt the body and respects our health.

The weight loss program must be complete and take into account both a rebalancing of food and physical activity. It is important, in order to reach its goal of weight, to establish an individualized program. Losing weight depends on various factors such as age, morphology or mood.

Getting professionals help keeps you motivated and focused at every step.


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