How To Choose A Sweatshirt ?

How To Choose A Sweatshirt ? - BELAIRPRINCE.COM

To avoid missteps, check the following:

1. Choose 100% cotton as much as possible.
How To Choose A Sweatshirt ? - BELAIRPRINCE.COM

2. Make sure the rib edges come back in place when they are stretched.
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3. The shoulder seam breaks... on the shoulder.
How To Choose A Sweatshirt ? - BELAIRPRINCE.COM

4. The cut is adjusted enough not to give a "puffy" rendering.
How To Choose A Sweatshirt ? - BELAIRPRINCE.COM



It is the most used knit in the apparel industry, as it is the easiest to make.
How To Choose A Sweatshirt ? - BELAIRPRINCE.COM

It is a double knit consisting of two stitches of different lengths. The longest, floating ones will be cut, scraped and then shaved to obtain a fluffy surface. Only one side undergoes these steps to obtain the fleece.

How To Choose A Sweatshirt ? - BELAIRPRINCE.COM

This knitting structure makes the garment naturally stretchy, and more comfortable to wear.

How To Choose A Sweatshirt ? - BELAIRPRINCE.COM

A tension difference between the chain thread and the weft thread is created when weaving: this is called "gaufrer" the fabric.

How To Choose A Sweatshirt ? - BELAIRPRINCE.COM


And for a more personalized garment, the Jacquard is a technique that allows you to add patterns directly into the knit. 


The sweatshirt /sweatshirt (literally "sweat" and "shirt") has come to replace wool sweaters in the sports world. Developed in 1926 by the JERZEES brand, the sweatshirt meets specific needs; it is easy to maintain, light and absorbs perspiration.

Originally, knitwear was produced on tubular knitting machines (as with socks). These knitting looms provide a seamless mesh tube that avoids friction when wearing the garment.

Practical, the sweatshirt became the flag of the teams as soon as the flocage processes were developed in the 1930s.

The sweatshirt was democratized on the grounds, but it was not until 1963 that the street took over. It's the year of the release of the film "The Great Escape", Steve McQueen has struck again; The actor's faded blue king sweatshirt is requested by all of America.

Quickly, as with the T-shirt, the major industries see sweatshirt as a means of communication and resume the flocage processes to spread their messages. It is available as an advertisement, as a vehicle for slogans and as an artistic medium. Like the T-shirt, the "sweatshirt" is a mythical piece of the 20th century and becomes a "spokesman for the self".

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