Billie Eilish Finally Opens Up About Her Style

Billie Eilish finally opens up about her style -
Billie Eilish tells Vogue more about her choice of looks and fashion inspirations, in outfits that are always crazier than the others.

Billie Eilish had already explained her choice to wear very wide clothing in a Calvin Klein campaign. In an interview for Vogue Australia, she answers more specifically questions about her look and vision of fashion.

For Billie Eilish, fashion is a defense mechanism

What Billie likes about dressing "800 times bigger" than her size is that it doesn't give anyone the opportunity to judge her.

She states:
I'm not saying everyone's going to judge you. But everyone does it in their head. Even if it's not your intention, everything you look at, you judge it.
Billie doesn't want anyone to know what's underneath her clothes, she wants to keep that part to herself. Her favorite thing, you've probably understood, is overlaying.
I want to remain mysterious.

Billie quotes Rihanna who in a thank you speech had revealed that fashion was for her a defense mechanism. Which resonated a lot in Billie. For her, fashion has always been her safety blanket.

Fashion has no limits according to Billie Eilish

Billie understood that fashion is a way of expressing oneself, not just about following trends or codes. For her, it's a way to get some things across without using anything else.

This is my means of expression without the need to use words. Fashion has its own language. And I use mine every day. I have always did it.

The singer explains that she is not the type to refuse to wear such outfits on the pretext that it is not "the right opportunity" or that it is too much.

I always wear too much, anyway! There is no limit to where you can wear an outfit.

She also cites the people who inspire her the most in terms of style. Rihanna is one of them, as are Bloody Osiris, Kanye West or A$AP Rocky. Billie points out that she grew up in a modest family and therefore could not afford many fashion purchases... So today, she's enjoying it!

Billie Eilish and stares

While her basic approach may seem sad at first, I totally understand her. I don't think Billie's afraid of other people's eyes. On the contrary, she even says in this interview that she likes to be noticed. And it's hard to do otherwise with such a style!

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That's why I think others opinion isn't that much a problem for her. In my point of view, her choices are more a matter of a personal desire not to mix who she is personally with what she agrees to show publicly.

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