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Are Proteins Deadly ? - Belairprince.com

The press talked about a young Australian athlete who died suddenly, which is very regrettable. The indicated cause: an overdose of protein, as if the proteins were a hard drug. In this case, one can also die from an overdose of water, water is not a priori dangerous, or any other food consumed in excess. Sugar alone kills more than any drug, as it is responsible for obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes ... And yet no one has yet banned the sale, on the contrary the manufacturers are stuffing us with all the sauces, condemning us to die slowly, without being incriminated.

Is the protein deadly? Without wishing to be a devil's advocate, it is important to point out that the problems caused by dietary supplements mainly concern people with serious pathological antecedents. This was the case of this young woman who did not know that she was a victim of a genetic kidney disease, not allowing to eliminate the waste due to a high consumption of proteins , because of the needs related to her sporting practice. Bodybuilding. Any serious company selling dietary supplements should warn customers that these are intended for adults with an healthy way of living, not recommended for pregnant women, children and adolescents and it is better to seek the advice of a health professional before starting supplementation. The use of supplements must also be well framed. Luckylly, it's the case at Belair Prince® as we provide neutral and unbiased posts exclusively based on published scientific studies, so you stay advised and guided by nutrition professionals contrary to discount sites that only think to sell.

Another mistake: Many practitioners want to follow the nutrition of high-level champions (post coming soon), hoping to look like them while their body does not have the ability to assimilate supplements in the same way. The consumption of supplements must be adapted precisely to the person, his sport and his level. It is important to follow the indicated instructions and to go through progressive phases if necessary. The main danger is that beginners believe that the effects will be doubled if they double the doses. Overconsumption is the issue, not the product itself. In this case, powdered proteins do not need to be more demonized than dietary proteins, because it is not the form but the quantity that counts, the "overdose" could have taken place with dietary proteins, consumed in excess in the same way .

Finally, practices related to bodybuilding and supplementation are often mistaken for doping, which is far more dangerous and has dramatic consequences for health. Even if taking some vitamins seems innocuous for most, for some, it is already set foot in the spur of doping and may be attracted by practices much more limited and totally out of control. Yet amateur bodybuilding is a sport with a rigorous and healthy lifestyle, most of the time, unlike high-level bodybuilding, whose organized doping taints the reputation, but not more than for other high-profile sports like the football, rugby, cycling ...

Let's just remember that proteins are essential nutrients (post coming soon)for the life and health that make up every element of our body (skin, hair, nails, muscles ...). Pillars of the balanced diet, they participate in the proper functioning and development of immune defenses and blood transporters, as well as the maintenance and development of muscle mass. They are even given anti-cancer and cholesterol properties. The cells of our body are constantly renewing themselves and need materials like proteins. Protein also has a role to play in the satiety and burning of fat because their digestion consumes a lot of calories while preserving the muscles, which is very useful during the diet.

The important thing is not to consume a lot of protein, but to consume it according to its weight, its size and its sporting practice, at the right time and by varying the sources as much as possible. Proteins can be animal or plant (post coming soon) and sometimes, provided as supplements that, as their name suggests, supplement the diet at the right dosage when you need it most, especially with regard to proteins, in the period following the training, in a practical form of use.


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